Civil Society Brewing

We crafted a strong official site for Civil Society Brewing, an outstanding brewery headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. They are not just another brewery, so they needed not just another website. We got them set up with an industrial-style site, complete with an easily updatable tap list, as well as a hop shop, powered by WooCommerce, for all their wares. We also designed some killer labels for their canning process. Drink it in.


The international umbrella company of renowned restaurants, BLT Burger, The Florentine, Casa Nona, among others, ESquared Hospitality is committed to exceeding expectations with extraordinary food and excellent customer service. For them, we were committed to serving up delicious proprietary websites for each E2 entity, including different content voices for each, and meeting the design and technical challenges that come along with a world wide company. We came up with a concise vision to represent their massive marketing and management endeavors.

Custom Medical Services

Custom Medical Services (CMS) strives to provide the highest level of Revenue Cycle Management Services to Physician Practices around the country. We strive to always give everyone the best web presence in any business. We did a full redesign for CMS, which continuously focuses on excelling in all aspects of medical billing, collections and customer service, and has for over 30 years. We created custom iconography for a homepage summarization of the CMS essentials, statistics and marketing efforts, as well as focusing on letting the CMS services shine in an easy-to-interpret manner, thus allowing clients and customers easy interface and UX interactions.

Innovare Medical Media

We designed the initial Innovare site years ago, but just like cars need oil changes and gardens need weeding, the time came for a tune-up, redesign. Innovare provides unique advertising opportunities for hospitals, clinics, and private practitioners. We provided the site an updated, modern look and feel, concentrating on showcasing their vast offerings with clear calls-to-action, making it easy for every client on every device. This projected was a refresher of points of purpose for Innovare to better display their ever-growing options.

BLT Steak & BLT Prime

BLT is a global restaurant empire with locations ranging from Hong Kong to Las Vegas. This website design centers on high-end brands, BLT Steak and BLT Prime. In order to develop their website with depth, we needed to showcase their mouth-watering fare, as well as menus, gallery, press, events, reservations and more for each location. In Partnership with Paperwhite Studios and their design, we developed an elaborate content management system with a highly tailored information architecture to accommodate for multiple brands, dozens of locations, all while providing each location their own site custom set of content. It is as cool as Miles Davis, yet fully functional and responsive to make anyone and everyone hungry for more.

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by Chloe.

Chloe Corscarelli was the first vegan chef to ever win a major television food competition. She recently opened her first restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village. The recipe for this site combines a hot design by Paperwhite Studio, custom cooked WordPress theme with a dash of UX and responsiveness. This website is free from meat, eggs, and dairy.

Jenks and Harvey Law

Debra Jenks and Robert Harvey aren’t your average attorneys. For over 30 years, Jenks & Harvey have represented major investment firms; broker-dealers; regional, independent and special purpose financial firms; investment advisers; in arbitration around the country and in court. Starting from the ground up, we designed a brand logo and an identity package that would showcase the seriousness of the law they practice with the flair of their personalities. For Jenks & Harvey, a standard legal logo would not suffice. Building upon their branding, we designed this vibrant, fully responsive website to showcase this unique law firm. With a marriage of bold colors and strong typography it is a perfect representation of their duality as a law firm.

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Madison Development Group

Madison Development Group is a Seattle-based design and construction firm specializing in commercial and multi-family real estate development. Their experience, innovation, collaboration with clients has lead to a vast track record of success. We wanted to built on that record to give a site worthy of aesthetics, reflection and hard work. Fully designed and built with a WordPress structure, while maintaining branding and any dynamic evolutions, the site is ready for past, present and future successes.

This client puts the fun in funny. Nothing is sacred from this novelty condom brand. With it’s claim to fame being the Obama Condom, popularized during the election of 2008, this brand has grown by leaps and bounds since. With a fresh Shopify based site design to further enhance it’s reputation, we thoroughly enjoyed working the ins and outs of working with them ;0

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Put your best face forward with Heyday Salon. The goal of this NYC salon is to make facials that fit your schedule and your budget. We gave this site some glamorous vigor that is as inviting as the salon. And this site is more than just a pretty face. We did a custom WordPress website build, added a splash of UI animation, enhanced with some API integration to the platform, and finished it off with some e-commerce love.