Saxon + Parole

S+P is a rustic yet elegant New York restaurant that is operated by the esteemed AvroKO Hospitality Group. We have worked closely with AvroKO for close to 10 years to develop nearly all of their restaurant website projects. The S+P project was delicious fun and we went at it a little differently. Using WordPress we created a template from the ground up to display their scrumptious fare and titillating flair. The restaurant is amazing, and the website is as quick and graceful as a racehorse.

True Clean Towel

Save face with this towel that is, at first glance, novelty, but at second thought, very practical. It allows its user to easily and quickly know which side is for the face and which side is, well, not. With great publicity behind them, True Clean needed an E-Commerce site which would handle the mega volume of sales, as well as display the relentless press they were receiving. Using Magento, we built a fully custom, clean theme to match the branding and capture the fun of the product. Clean and dry from head to toe.


PUBLIC is a free-spirited restaurant in New York City, serving up award-winning delectable dishes on a daily basis. The AvroKO Group is behind the design, concept and branding of the restaurant. The team was awarded two James Beard Awards for PUBLIC in 2004, for “Best Restaurant Design” and “Best Graphics.” We love working with AvroKO, being behind the design and development of their website. Good menus change constantly and so we gave PUBLIC a WordPress recipe to let them roll out any changes as needed. Bon Appetit!

Adam Gordon Holdings

Curatorial developer Adam Gordon has been revolutionizing the way New York high-end residences are designed and constructed for more than 20 years. His work on stately landmark buildings from SOHO to Central Park has ultimately helped change the way we define a townhouse. This luxury developer needed us to come up with a clean and simple site which adequately reflects the high-end nature of his work. Constructed using WordPress, the site has a modified backend, which makes for a perfect pairing of design, flow and function.

Safran Metals

Safran Metals is a third generation family business dealing in buying and processing non-ferrous metals for companies around the world. They approached us to give their 40-year-old logo a solid refresh, and their website a strong re-tooling. Tying into their strong Chicago roots, we crafted a logo that was both industrial and fresh. The website was hand-coded to give it hard-working longevity.

American Fireglass

American Fireglass is the world’s hottest manufacturer of fireplace/fire pit glass and related burner products. Creating a quality product, matched with unequaled artistry, this company has seen its popularity spread like wildfire. The Magento powered e-commerce site supports their dealers, allowing for wholesale orders as well as a Google maps integrated dealer locator. From flicker to flame, we ignited their website to give them the right spark!

Corporate Branding |

Alternative Care Consultants

For ACC of Southern California, we created a brand logo that incorporated their idea of community. Just as ACC thinks outside the box when it comes to healing and health, we designed the logo to be different, as well as illustrate the two sides of the diverse company: social consciousness and perception.