Is your company “How To” ready?

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Think of all the times you searched for how to do something last year on Google. Maybe you looked up how to get a cheap flight to Las Vegas or how to tie a bow tie. In 2014, the most common first word in a phrase on a Google search was “How”. Google is a great resource for learning new skills. YouTube, owned by Google, is particularly great to visually learn “How To” without having to take a class or figure out complicated diagrams. When people are searching “How To…” are they arriving at your website or YouTube page?

If you’re not showing customers “How To”, your competitors are!

A lot of companies do not want to share their “How To” secrets. Videos can be produced that are related to your company without sharing your secrets. For example, let’s assume you own a tuxedo rental company. Creating a video about how to tie a tie or bowtie could be very beneficial to your company. “How to tie a tie” is searched 550,000 times a month in Google, where “How to tie a bowtie” is only searched 110,000 times a month. It is very difficult for your video to show up as the first video in a Google search. However, it is possible for your video to be that first option to play.

Embed your videos on YouTube, get access to millions of potential customers!

Showing up in Google search results is great, but not everyone who wants to learn something will go to Google. A lot of people, especially younger generations, will go directly to the “How To” video source, YouTube. The great thing about YouTube is you can upload and embed the video on your website. This allows anyone who visits your website to access that YouTube video. Having helpful videos on your website will increase both the quality of your content and conversation rate. Not only will the videos be helpful to your potential customers but they will show your expertise in your field.

One way to have your company ready and incorporate the ‘How To” videos onto your website, is to create a “How To” series in which you demonstrate different things in your area of expertise. If you are a SEO expert, you can create a video which teaches how to avoid penalties against your website, automate posts to social media, and check authenticity of SEO companies. Another example is with travel companies. Their videos could be about how to couch surf, find cheap flights, and where to go on vacation.

There are endless “How To” possibilities. They are one of the best ways to add high-quality, relevant content to your website. This content can also be shared to your existing social media. If you are interested in learning how to generate more traffic on your website using YouTube or how to get a video ranked on Google, simply search how to in Google or YouTube.

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