How 3¢ Can Turn Your Consumers’ Frown Upside Down

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It is amazing how different and simpler the world can look with just a slight change or alteration. This is never more apparent than in the little things to which we give little thought and concern.

Just this weekend, I was putting together a toddler’s table from Ikea for my daughter, and I was pleasantly surprised by the new shape of the Ikea’s Allen Wrench. I had just always simply dealt with the old L-shaped one banging my knuckles and slipping out of the screw all the time. The new and improved key improved this customers’ experience and came with an extra bend to act as more of a crank. The Z-shaped designed gave the screwing motion an easy twist.

Allen-Wrench | Customers Experience |AR DesignEven for a forward-thinking company such as Ikea, it’s nice to see such a large brand taking the extra step by acknowledging more user-centered design tools. For an extra penny or two, they continued the engineering spirit, even in small ways.

Who would’ve thought that adding a new bit of metal on the opposite end would make assembly easier, thus the afternoon better, and the children happier.

In the simplest redesign, Ikea just made my weekend, and I am sure that I am not alone in this observation. Terrific job at turning a customer from frustrated to fulfilled!

Have you considered the finer details of your customers’ experience?

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