The Sky’s the Limit For Commercial Development Websites


Wall Street may have its ups and down, but commercial real estate remains steady and sturdy.

Commercial real estate websites are exciting projects, if only because the industry is so competitive and fast-paced. But, while a lot of businesses can get by with a “great” web presence, it’s important for any commercial realtor to have one that’s uniquely suited to the needs of that particular industry.

The perfect commercial real estate website is like the perfect office building — it doesn’t just have great views, it’s also incredibly useful and pragmatic. After all, a commercial development website is a digital portfolio, luring in customers and investors alike.

Make It Impactful

The web design must be both visually-stunning (to encourage visitors to stay awhile) and user-friendly (to make it easy for them to search for properties, forms and industry resources). As well as conveying market news and analysis on development, construction and building, property investment, sales and leasing, it is also important to have downloadable blueprints, and links to projects with professional photos and specs.

Be Specific

Mutli-family, retail, industrial, a lot of commercial developers specialize in one type of property or another, and having this kind of specific information displayed prominently on a site can accomplish two things: let people know what you do right off the bat, and give you important search engine keywords for your online marketing plan.

Keep It Fresh

It goes without saying that you’ll want to always update by adding new listings, along with photos and sale or lease information, on your website. The sites we develop for our commercial development clients makes sure every section is easy to update from the client’s side and does not require any special expertise.

Provide Insights

As a commercial developer, educating new clients and business owners is a big part of the job. Why not leave articles and resources on your site that they can use? AR Design constantly comes up with clever, eye-catching ways to display these resources. They’ll come to see you as an expert, and won’t have to ask as many questions in the beginning of the sales process.

Show Off

Exhibit the great work you’ve done, especially those with recognizable names. By displaying your prominent tenants your credibility will only increase, as will the possibility of bringing in other similar companies. From retailers to restaurants, and everything in between, this allows you to demonstrate your experience and show your range.

Developing commercial real estate is a challenging business that requires not only a significant financial investment, but also a sound understanding of commercial tenants’ requirements and rights, as well as zoning laws and project management.

Commercial development not only enhances communities, but also fuels economies by creating jobs that result in cyclical sustainability. It’s a tough job depicting the impact it has, but AR Design breaks ground on groundbreaking commercial development tools of the trade.

AR Design aims to provide the perfect architecture for emerging and established commercial development companies. Check out the amazing work we did for these outstanding developers:

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