The Blueprint of ‘Dumb Questions for Smart Designers’


Because we strive to be awesomer.

We’re not satisfied with the ever-generic, simple ‘who, what, when, why’ questions we hear regurgitated over and over again in almost every interview. If you are like us, wouldn’t you also like to know what John Candy movie your favorite designer prefers? Sure, you may have designed the logo for Netflix, but if you were forced to pick between Elton John or Phil Collins, who would you choose? Because we believe these little idiosyncrasies make everyone who they are, and they can have a profound effect on what we make and create.john-candy

The Method of Our Madness

Life is a busy blinking casino of chaos, so we are keeping it short and spicy. Five fun, yet insightful, questions to get inside the mind of those who inspire us, complete with a ‘bad stock photo’ to caption. Who wouldn’t love to caption a terrible stock photo from the ‘80s?

“If we aren’t going to push the envelope a little, then what the hell are we doing here? We might as well go work at the post office.”

We want to serve up design discussions with a shot of whiskey.

The founder and president of AR Design, Adam Ross, has put his foot down regarding lame ideas, for good or ill.

The more personality you put into your work, the more people will respond to it.

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