Plan for 2016

Time to start new traditions!

Next year is upon us, so better start planning for the future. Right after your year end review, you will probably have a lot of things you want to improve. It doesn’t hurt to think ahead. That’s why Part 2 of our End of Year/Next Year wrap-up is here for you (if you haven’t read part 1 you can check it out here). Thinking ahead of your industry competitors is key, and having a leg up is always a breath of fresh air. Below are just a few things to plan in order to get a jump on next year. After all, before you know it, next year will be this year.

Clean Up Your Inbox & Subscriptions

Cleaning out your email, unsubscribing to certain newsletters and tools you don’t use anymore is a good way to start the purging process for the new year. Like spring cleaning for your house, this process will feel like a needed relief. Also, take the time to check your monthly digital subscriptions and cancel any of them that you have not used in the past 3 months. Whether it is Skillshare or some sort of recipe research guide, starting the new year with order so it all doesn’t pile up.

Build Your Network

Get out there, get involved. Find an industry conference or trade show and be sure to sign up and attend. Also, take notes and talk to others. By setting aside time for growth and further education, you can continue to grow your business in new directions. Other ways to network can be simple. Plan an event of your own, host a talk or a meetup, crash a wedding with a hand full of business cards. Line up your social calendar and get busy networking while your competition is still sleeping off their New Year’s hangover.

Give Back

Get out there, give back. Donate to or sponsor a worthy cause. Test the waters of Karma and hope it pays itself forward, backwards and above. By being involved in your community you will develop relationships and always stay on people’s’ radars.

Plan Your Social Media Calendar

Plan your social media calendar for the year, finding important industry dates, conferences, and posting about them and your experience. Holidays and events are easy to plan, but you can also plan to read an industry-specific book and post a review about it. All of this sounds far off, but just jotting it down on the calendar can get your brain storming ahead of competition.

Devise Your New Content

Conjure up some insightful or fun topics relevant to your industry or audience, and start planning down the line of what and when to write. Remember like we said in Part 1, content is now king.

Ask for a Raise

A raise in traffic, that is. If you create strong content, your SEO results should, overtime, increase, and therefore so should the traffic to your site. Explore Pay Per Click options, as well as Twitter Cards. There are a ton of options out there. You just have to find what works best for you and your business. By thinking about this beforehand, you are already a step ahead.

Happy New Year!

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