Top 10 Overheards in the Office 2015

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No matter your profession, working in an office can be quite entertaining. There is no better example of this then randomly overhearing part of a conversation without any context. The absurdity is magnified within a design firm’s office. Whether it was on the phone, in a meeting, or between two co-workers, accidentally eavesdropping can provide a wealth of knowledge, sometimes unwanted. Plus, our office is hilarious.

  1. “I freakin’ love Liam Neeson.”
  2. “I have a big bowl of tuna fish if anyone wants some.”
  3. “M&Ms…the gateway drug.”
  4. “I’m going to see a sh*tty illusionist at my kid’s school.”
  5. “Meet me at the Trenton airport.”
  6. “Ron, stop juggling in the office.”
  7. “What’s a boat look like?”
  8. “We gotta get lazy loading.”
  9. “Last child left padding.”
  10. “I feel so naked without beef jerky.”

    *Honorable Mention: “It’s jui jitsu.”

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