March 11th: Create Day

Imagine a day in which every person on Planet Earth creates something…anything.

We recently wrote about Valentine’s Day being a lame, ultimately made-up holiday, so we figured, what the hell. We went ahead and made up our own holiday, one we think might actually mean something to people.

Let’s face it: our daily routines can be boring. Holidays are breaks. Hallmark has created plenty of holidays designed to make you spend money. Why shouldn’t one day be internationally awesome and productive? We created Create Day!

Make Something. Make Anything.

Every day is a good day to create something, but most of us don’t have the time or the knowledge to get creative. Well, fret no longer. Create Day is here to inspire everyone to create…something…anything.

Filled with productivity and imagination, Create Day has only one rule: Make something.

Inspired ideas for our create Day:

  • Write a poem.
  • Make a killer sandwich.
  • Paint a flower.
  • Build a shelf.
  • Make up a song on the guitar.
  • Write your dead Aunt Linda a letter.
  • Make a baby (but get creative doing it).
  • Find something on Pinterest.

A Festivus for the Rest of Us

The Seinfeld episode in which George’s father creates Festivus, a rather strange holiday, is a great example of the need and creativity behind our desire to start a holiday in which each individual is only required to make or create something and share it on social media.

Using social media will not only spread the cheer of Create Day, but it is also a good push for people to share what they created.

Create Day is not only for designers and artists, but to encourage everyone to get out there and create.

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