The Future’s So Bright, You’re Gonna Need a Plan

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Facebook recently unveiled its grand 10-year plan, which got us thinking.

Taking a page (get it?) from Facebook, we thought it relative to give discussion to the importance of a long-term business and marketing plan.

At this year’s F8 summit, the head honcho Mark Zuckerberg shared some insight into the company’s long-term goals. This got us inspired. The company proved it is invested in evolving from being simply known as a family of social-media properties into a conglomerate of technology, education, and forward-thinking endeavors.

Where Will You Be in 2026?

Back in the boom time of the ’80s, when Japan was on the rise, U.S. business leaders often touted how Japanese businesses planned decades and even centuries ahead, rather than for the short term, like American companies. Since the rise of the tech sector’s rapid innovation cycle, such thinking has largely gotten worse, with two quarters representing an eternity in Internet years.

The theme of any business plan should be how the company can use its current successes to invest in long-term goals that will make it an even stronger company over the next decade. Ten years seems like a long time, but you don’t want to be out there stranded without a strong plan. Let’s mimic Facebook and the Asian market and start building better blueprints for our businesses.

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