Conversations with AI: A Neutral Shade of Gray

Baby Computer
Artificial Intelligence is Getting More Helpful in the Home

We all need a little help and guidance in certain periods of life. AI chatbots, if all goes well, will be designed to provide some help. After all isn’t technology supposed to make life easier? When deciding on what color to paint a baby’s room, especially when not finding out the sex, recommendations go a long way.

Combing through current internet posts, ideally the bot should compartmentalize seasonal selections and styles for popular searches regarding the individual request. In this case, it is paint colors for a baby’s room. The difficulty lies in the neutrality because said parents are not finding out the sex of the upcoming baby.

  • We are having a baby and choosing to not find out the gender, how should we decorate the room?
  • Congrats on New BabyStay away from the pinks and blues, obviously. Good colors could be your pale grays, greens and yellows. Do any of those interest you?
  • My wife nixed the yellows and greens last evening.
  • A light slate gray seems to be trending on the internet among baby style blogs. Here are a couple examples of nice neutral or soft grays.
    sources:,, PetitePaints.comGray Color Swatches
  • Ok, we can work with that.
  • Then you can accent the room with other colors depending on the sex of the baby.
    sources:,, People Magazine
  • What would be the next step in the decoration process?
  • The next thing to think about would be theme. Neutral themes include stencil barn animals, zoo animals, whimsical character murals, trees and landscapes.
  • Do you have anything else besides animals?
  • A lot of people tend to put inspiring or poetic messages in the nursery, especially over the crib. The other option would be the baby’s name or initials.
  • Do you have any examples you could share with me and my wife?
  • Here are multiple examples, and I will also send these examples to your wife via email.

    Baby Room Accents
    Baby Room Stencils
    Baby Room Quotes

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