The Perfect: Timepiece

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch

A good watch is not just a means of telling time, it is a part of your person, your being, and there is always one you love most. Whether you wear it everyday or not, whether it lives in your nightstand until a special occasion, like a wedding, the perfect watch is a personal symbol of expression.

That said, watches aren’t jewelry. They are the conveyances of transporting time; they are tools. Even with cellphones and tablets everywhere these days, the watch is still eternally appreciated. And the Tudor Heritage Black Bay is an impressively attractive and durable diver’s watch, at a price that falls perfectly between the balance of quality and craftsmanship.

History & Heritage Count

Tudor Watch LogoStanding the test of time, Tudor was created in 1946 by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf as more affordable, but still strong, competent, and attractive. Tudor not only survived but thrived as Rolex’s younger sibling. The Heritage Black Bay hit the market as of 2010, and is based on the rich history of Tudor diver’s watches.

A Strong Design

You can call it a sports watch, but it is much more than that. It is an instrument, a truly viable timepiece. The Black Bay is classical, but with a touch of modern design. No matter the model you’re drawn to – the Black Bay Bronze, the Black Bay Black, etc – this watch is aesthetically pleasing while at the same time rugged and rough.

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