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Civil Society Brewing Anniversary Design
How Civil Society Brewing Co. tapped AR Design to Celebrate One Year

For their first anniversary, Civil Society Brewing Co. celebrated by hosting a blowout block party. They invited 50+ breweries, both local and national, bands, food trucks and over 500 of their closest friends and supporters. And we pretty much designed everything from the tickets, to the can labels, to the t-shirts, to the glasses.

What a proud feeling it was to be at an event and knowing that so much of the supporting material was designed by us. At any given moment, everywhere we looked, we were surrounded by our own designs. We even brought our wives and children to bear witness to our creative contributions in what was a huge day for Civil Society.

Get Your Tickets!

The major hurdle for the event was the ticketing system we needed to develop. Forgoing the typical Eventbrite route that can be costly for larger events, we integrated and customized a product called Tickera that allowed us to sell, design and check in tickets at the door for no fee.

Civil Society Brewing Anniversary DesignThe system delivered the tickets to buyers digitally with RFID codes, allowing attendees to be easily checked in with mobile phones and barcode readers. It made the check-in process smooth and allowed multiple event staff to check in guests. It went off without a hitch!

With each ticket, attendees received a commemorative Civil Society Anniversary glass, the logo of which we designed. It was inspiring to be walking down the street, drinking a beer out of a glass that has your design, while passing hundreds of people wearing shirts also with your designs.

T-Shirts, Labels, Branding & More

The event also required extensive collateral. From detailed maps and schedules to t-shirts, there was no printed paraphernalia that did not pass through our hands. Across the board, it was our goal to ensure that Civil Society’s diehard craft beer enthusiasts clearly understood the details and got excited about the event.

Civil Society Brewing Shirt DesignsAnd, of course, what beer event would be complete without special brews and limited can releases? The guys at Civil Society brewed some of their exceptional beer and knocked it out of the park with exclusive, day-of concoctions, and for all of them we created inspired labels. Just like the shirts, it never gets old seeing beer in our fridge with labels that we designed.


The event was a great mix of what we love to do most. Take a good brand that makes a good product, and top it all off with killer design. This is our passion. Just as there is a special relationship between design and beer, we have a special relationship with Civil Society Brewing Co. We will be back next year (probably before) with even more.

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