When the Going Get’s Tough, the Tough Go to Conferences


We all suffer from the kind of head-down, get it done routine that enables us to operate in a fast-paced, growing business. It is both an inevitability and consequence of getting through your slog of emails and daily to-dos. And while it is easy to recognize the pattern, it is a challenge to change it. Then, a friend (Jenni Schwartz) tells you about a little thing called the Front-End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the clouds seemed to clear a little.

In full disclosure, this conference was happening in a place very convenient to our office, only a three hour drive away, and in a city that I had never visited, but was high on my list of places to check out in Florida. So, it did not require much arm twisting to get me to say yes when asked if I was going to attend. The convenience of the event was outdone by the hair-raising, eye-opening, fresh air buzz that the conference was to deliver.

Unbeknownst to me, the Front-End Design Conference was going into its ninth year in the town of St. Pete and presented its fortunate attendees with two days of speakers who expounded about the design industry, usability, prototyping, programming, dealing with clients and semantics. The variety of speakers kept the conference from, at any, point going stale, deftly switching from general discussions about industry trends to accessible HTML to prototyping your work.


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