The Perfect: Beverage

Walking down the aisles of a grocery store you are reminded of how food manufacturers have found clever ways to insert sugars, carbohydrates and processed chemicals into nearly everything. Items labeled ‘Diet’ simply contain chemical based sugar replacements, and low-fat items are more processed than their full fat counterparts. This is especially evident in the beverage aisle. With thirst-quenchers of every color, flavor and additive, any calorie conscious consumer would assume that their only viable option is water. And while water is without argument one of nature’s finest miracles, it is boring. Enter waters power-punching cousin: seltzer. Transcending Generations Chances are your parents and grandparents have been enjoying seltzer since they were young, and your current and future children and grandchildren will too. Some like to drink it straight from the bottle, others over ice with a wedge of fruit, while some prefer to consume seltzer’s delicious bubbles straight from a can. No matter your preference, seltzer will always light up your mouth, reminding you of it’s delicious tongue-popping, thirst quenching self. Next time you are out for dinner, pick your head up and look around the room. Chances are, someone is sipping on a bubbly, delightfully fizzy seltzer. San Pellegrino has donned the tables of some of the finest restaurants since the early 1900s. While it may now be considered a trendy beverage, and wrapped in all varieties of clever packaging, the truth is, it is still, perfect in its most simplest form. Seltzer Isn’t a Trend, It’s a Way of Life Fad drinks have come and gone throughout the years, but there’s one thing that has remained constant: Seltzer. Free of calories, sugar, and chemicals, seltzer is the perfect alternative to soda, or any other guilty pleasure drink. For soda lovers, and those who crave carbonation, seltzer is the perfect alternative, free of additives and still providing a bubbly kick. Next time you’re craving a soda, swap it out for a seltzer instead. Add a piece of fresh fruit to enhance the flavor and you’ll understand just why seltzer is the perfect beverage.

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