What is your customers favorite color?

Surprised customer

Blue, Red, Pink, Purple? This is an oversimplification of a question that every business owner should be asking themselves, but often lose sight of. When was the last time you really talked to your customer and asked them specific questions about their experience?

When we sit down with new clients to learn about their business we usually find the answers to our questions about their clientele to be rather generic. Business owners get comfortable assuming that their customers like what they like. But it is crucial that you (to steal from the not so popular band The Stylistics) Stop, Look & Listen.

The majority of your customers would rather remain anonymous and avoid the possible ridicule of public forums than post their reviews on social media.

Don’t Be Fooled

The process of getting insight from customers may seem like an easy task,  just check Facebook or Yelp reviews. But getting the right kind of feedback is harder than that. Social media may seem like a natural place to hear honest opinions, and although some users see it as though it is a megaphone to spout negativity, the majority of customers would rather remain anonymous and avoid the possible ridicule of public forums. Those with minor hangups may only share their feedback during conversations, or worse, just stop going to a business.

Get Specific

The kind of feedback we are talking about is more simple, more practical. Feedback that may seem minor, but incrementally leads to better experiences and happier customers. An example of a direct question you might ask:

  • Is the music too loud?
  • Did someone from the office get back to you quickly?
  • Was one of the employees more focused on their phone than on the customer?
  • Was the air conditioning too cold? Was the coffee bad? What kind of coffee do you drink at home?
  • Did you have trouble finding the business?
  • How did you hear about us?

Having a few direct questions to ask them will not only avoid the natural instinct of people to respond with ‘Everything was great’ and open up a dialogue. So next time you find yourself standing in front of your customer, ask them what their favorite color is.

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