The Perfect: Shoe


The Keds Sneaker

Shoes are an essential part of our everyday lives. Not only do our feet need them to protect us against the elements, but they provide accessories to our favorite outfits, while taking us where we need to go. Look down at your feet right now. Are you wearing shoes? What kind? If not, it’s probably just because you’re sitting on the couch or at the beach. Shoes have become an extension of our personalities and play just as an important role in our outfit choice as the t-shirt or jeans we choose to wear.

There are certainly a lot of shoe companies that have created nice looking shoes, while still providing protection. However, when tasked with finding the perfect shoe, only one brand comes to mind – Keds. Close your eyes and envision the iconic rubber blue and white logo pressed to the back of ever pair. Keds are nostalgic and modern all at the same time. Keds sneakers are sleek enough to pair with a dress, or your favorite shorts, making them the versatile perfect shoe you’ve always wanted.  

Design Built to Last

Keds were designed with ultimate comfort and style in mind, which is the perfect combination for successful footwear. The original Keds sneaker was designed with the intention of withstanding decades of changing styles and needs within the sneaker industry. Not only were Keds designed with the durability to withstand decades of being tossed in the back of your closet and into your overnight bag, but they were designed in a style that has remained relevant in an ever-changing and evolving fashion industry.

The flagship, classic white Ked sneaker made its debut in 1916 and has remained the same to this day in 2019. The simple white sneakers with rubber soles and a canvas body that we fell in love with have remained consistent throughout the many decades that Keds has been in business. While the brand has evolved quite a bit, opening up it’s shelves to new designs, colors, and brand partnerships, the simple flagship sneaker always remains front and center as the leading product in the Keds brand.

Comfortable, Alternative Footwear for Women

The Keds corporation have not only created a brand, but a lifestyle. Before Keds were invented back in the early 1900s, women were simply expected to wear heals, regardless of their outfit, weather conditions, and oh, I don’t know, personal preference. Keds were designed with women’s needs in mind, and provide an alternative footwear that is comfortable and fashionable. The Keds brand continues to market towards both women’s comfort and fashion, and their message that women don’t need to be uncomfortable in high heels to be fashionable is pretty perfect, especially in the times we’re living in.

Dress Up, Dress Down, But Always Comfortably with Keds

While the simple keds sneaker has remained a staple for the brand throughout the years, Keds have expanded its designs with different ornate colors and patterns. Keds has also partnered with different brands including Kate Spade, to cater to brides, and anyone else looking to dress up their outfits a little bit more than the traditional Ked sneaker allows them to. Keds have a sneaker for every occasion, which is perfect. Ked’s mission is to empower women while providing comfortable and fashionable footwear. A pair of Keds is enough to conquer anything.

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