What Marketing Firms Can Do to Help During Times of Uncertainty

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How to Help While Businesses are Struggling

The world is facing unprecedented uncertainty in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and businesses in the restaurant, hospitality and other service industries are feeling it the hardest. For marketing and design firms, this means clients are turning to new strategies as solutions to their arising problems. So how can marketing teams lend a hand to their clients?

Constant Communication

If before you checked in with your clients once a week, don’t be afraid to reach out to 3-4 times weekly. Things are changing by the hour as companies are shifting their commerce and delivery methods. Calling directly instead of writing a lengthy email can also be a benefit. You may get what you need sooner, and you may encounter other information, such as the business owner’s new whereabouts and what their days look like now after the shift. You may also pick up personal and company morale from tone and demeanor on the phone – something that gets lost in translation via email.

Emphasize Goodwill and a Willingness to Help

At the end of the day, businesses in the marketing industry exist to serve the needs of their clients. Reach out and be a friendly voice with a genuine desire to assist and support your clients. Tell clients you’ve got their back. While many companies are skimming away expenses, you may receive a phone call to pause or cancel marketing services. These businesses deserve the same goodwill and courtesy as clients that stick with you. It’s important to stay updated with everyone, whether they are on your current client list or they’ve become unable to keep you on retainer. Business landscapes change, and when they do, things have a way of coming back around.

The Benefits of Bulk Scheduling

Like we mentioned, using a tool, like Sendible, allows you to schedule out posts days, weeks and months into the future. If you have repeating events or promotions each week, you’re able to set repeat posts, so you don’t have to be burdened with posting or scheduling the same content weekly.

Anticipating Needs

We marketers are a special type of psychologist. We observe the public and figure out what makes them tick. The Coronavirus pandemic has shifted how people consume and interact with the world around them. Delivery services are skyrocketing. So are live video platforms. How can we apply this knowledge of new market trends and utilize it to support the success of your clients?  This process starts with research. Look closely at other local businesses in the same industries and how their client base is reacting to their latest moves. Chances are there is some potential overlap there that you’re trying to reach. Then, look at industry giants – the household names everyone knows – and how they’re handling their production and digital channels at this time. Finally, get creative! A quick pow-wow with your team can be a simple way to toss around some novel and relevant campaign ideas that make an impact.

Looking Ahead: Do Some Reflection and Legwork

The priority in a marketing company is always clients first. However, now is the time to take a close look at your own messaging. Is your mission outdated? When is the last time you spruced up your website? While many companies are lying low, marketing companies’ internal work should ramp up. Stay up to date on social media, and speak candidly about the current crisis and how it’s changed your office world. When the time is right, your thoughtful reaction and consistency will pay off. We hope this helps keep you focused during this or any crisis.

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