The State of Political Design

How Branding and Logos Define Campaigns

No matter your political affiliation, you have to admit the design of any campaign has a profound effect on overall opinion and outcome.

With the November election just around the corner, a time-capsule of history and a timeline of provocative design evolution within the political realm is something worth dissecting. The visual history behind branding and Presidential campaigns is incredibly interesting, and it’s exciting to see how much design plays a part as the 2016 election season unfolds. Read More

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The Perfect: Sunglasses

Ray Ban Wayfarers are the end-all-be-all epitome of cool shades.

From James Dean to JFK, the distinctive design of Ray Ban’s iconic and enduring Wayfarers have been worn by the coolest people in modern history. The design is so distinct, in fact, it is subconsciously connected to cool. Read More

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The Perfect: Snack

Going Bananas for Bananas, the Perfectly Designed Snack

It’s so easy to overlook the simple perfection of a banana, because we are so used to it. Everyday. It’s like the clear blue sky or making the yellow light. The overall design of the banana is so constructive and fluid, that it is almost entirely invisible. Read More

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March 11th: Create Day

Imagine a day in which every person on Planet Earth creates something…anything.

We recently wrote about Valentine’s Day being a lame, ultimately made-up holiday, so we figured, what the hell. We went ahead and made up our own holiday, one we think might actually mean something to people.

Let’s face it: our daily routines can be boring. Holidays are breaks. Hallmark has created plenty of holidays designed to make you spend money. Why shouldn’t one day be internationally awesome and productive? We created Create Day! Read More

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The Nuts & Bolts of Managing Pro Bono Work

It’s good to give back, but be prepared.

Giving something back to the community in which your business operates is a venerable tradition. Among creative businesses this commonly takes the form of occasionally providing pro bono, or free, services to worthy causes. Yet, as noble as the sentiment that lies behind this tradition is, there are always hurdles just like any project or job. Read More

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The New Emotional Range of Facebook

More than just Like

Great, now instead of checking constantly to see how many Facebook ‘Likes’ we’ve racked up in a day, now we have 5 new super emoting emojis to track, too. Like a different haircut, it’s normal to feel a little uneasy about new things like this, but give it time, and it will feel like it was always meant to be. Read More

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Today in Design History

Feb. 16, 1978: The Bulletin Board Goes Electronic

Facebook celebrated its 12th anniversary this month, but social networking got its start 38 years ago today, when the first public dial-up Computerized Bulletin Board System went online in Chicago. Read More

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The New Role of a Marketing Company

Unless you have been busy petting a fluffy bunny in the forest and didn’t get the memo, it is no secret that the world of marketing, PR and advertising has changed.

Yes, the role of a marketing company is a business that helps other businesses grow. But that is just the basics. From social media to virality, the world is more connected, but with that comes more voices trying to get their message across. This makes marketing a more complicated task as having a quality offering is just not enough. You need to have something more, and that is what a marketing firm provides. Read More

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The Craft of Beer Branding

There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a cold brew after a long day at work. But like many designers, we’re just as interested in beer packaging as we are in the flavor of the beer. There’s no point in drinking out of an ugly bottle when you can be a connoisseur of both creative packaging and fine brews, right? After all, the labels and designs on the tap handles, cans and bottles themselves are an unorthodox display of modern art illustrating the boozy potion inside. Read More

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Plan for 2016

Time to start new traditions!

Next year is upon us, so better start planning for the future. Right after your year end review, you will probably have a lot of things you want to improve. It doesn’t hurt to think ahead. That’s why Part 2 of our End of Year/Next Year wrap-up is here for you (if you haven’t read part 1 you can check it out here). Thinking ahead of your industry competitors is key, and having a leg up is always a breath of fresh air. Below are just a few things to plan in order to get a jump on next year. After all, before you know it, next year will be this year.

Read More

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