Dumb Questions for Smart Designers with Syd Weiler

Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Syd Weiler

In addition to being an exquisite visual development artist, illustrator, and animator, Syd Weiler is a partnered Twitch Creative streamer, as well as a current member of the Microsoft Creator Council and a 2016-2017 Adobe Creative Resident, during which she grew a creative community through streaming. Currently, she is creating Photoshop brushes and building an archive to refine the tools.

She infamously created the viral internet sensation Trash Doves, a digital sticker pack for iOS, licensed by Facebook. After her little ‘Trash Dove’ artwork unexpectedly went viral overnight, she had to quickly learn how to navigate the positive and negative aspects of online stardom. The country of Thailand is still feeling the effects. We don’t want to get into it, so just Google it if you’re feeling feathery.

Syd also helped develop and kickstart Jenny LeClue, an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure mystery game with memorable characters, a unique aesthetic, and an apically tangled mystery. She is a proud graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, where she studied animation and illustration. She loves video games, hats, tea, hair dye and her dog Beezly. As you will soon realize, her interview is hilarious and filled with surprises. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers with Kendrick Kidd

Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Kendrick Kidd

Be nice, work hard and make the magic. That is how Kendrick Kidd lives his life and it seems to be working out for him. An Art Director by day and freelance Graphic Designer by night, Mr. Kidd’s focus spans illustration, branding, packaging, apparel, lettering, and typography.

His work is playful and fun, yet masterfully executed. He has created for mega clients, such as American Horror Story on FX, ESPN Magazine, WIRED UK, The Hollywood Reporter, Billabong, and a wide range of breweries across the United States.

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, when Kendrick isn’t working hard, he is being a father, a husband, and trying to fit in a morning surf or skate session. The perfect combination of design, family and real life is what makes a day’s magic for the incomparable Mr. Kidd. Read More

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Interning for Creatives

Learning the Art of a Lasting Impression –  by Jeff Manning

This summer was certainly one to remember. Unlike many of my friends, who were either still grinding at school or taking a relaxing few months off from the rigor, I was fortunate to have interned at AR Design. On the last week of my internship, I put together a list of my most important takeaways; some being specific and personal towards the culture of the company and others deeming very important to my development as a project manager. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers with Lola Landekic

Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Lola Landekic

Lola Landekic is a talented graphic designer, illustrator, and editor based in Toronto, Canada. She lectures internationally about title design. She is also the Managing Editor of Art of the Title, the definitive resource for title sequence design, spanning the film, television, conference, and videogame industries.

She has a history of designing and editing for organizations such as OCAD University, Random House of Canada, and newspapers such as The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail.

Lola also contributes pages and edits to Wikipedia, adding pages in particular for women designers throughout history. She started the 10 Women of Title Design series of articles on Art of the Title, and the #womenoftitledesign hashtag on Twitter, which act as resources and highlight the work of women who design titles for film and television. Read More

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How AR Design Hacked a Urinal Using a Poem

How to Hack a Urinal

Creating Concrete Change with a Pee Pee Poem

What started as a passing complaint has now blossomed into a reflective lesson. If you seek a change in your world, your environment, it is worth a try to change it. Even if it is something silly and inconsequential, like a faceless non-flusher, the least you can do is try, because you never know, it might just work and affect other people. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers with Shogo Ota

Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Shogo Ota

Shogo Ota is the epitome of the American dream. He moved from Japan to the United States 14 years ago to study art at the University of Idaho, without speaking a lick of English. He is now killing it in Seattle, designing posters for bands, identities for businesses, and he is the man behind last year’s controversial green Starbucks cup.

Shogo Ota loves to work on brand systems, logo design, event posters & materials, brochures, product packaging and more. Custom illustration on snowboards? Of course, he can do that. His studio, Tireman Studio, is a small design studio focusing on unique, fun and professional looks for a multitude of businesses. He has been called a stylistic chameleon, because he really studies what clients need and pushes himself to make something new every time. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers with Jordan Scott

Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott (J-Scott) is a good example of not judging a book by it’s cover. He prides himself on being a grump, but in reality he is a sweetheart. He is a tattooed, bearded badass with the sensibility of an adorable artist. He also doesn’t want to touch spiders.

Jordan is an Art Director with the design and animation studio Oddfellows. Additionally, he runs the curated animation inspiration site IceCreamHater. Prior to Oddfellows, Jordan was a longtime member of the freelance animation community, bouncing from Vancouver to Seattle, New York to Los Angeles, before settling down in Portland.

He claims that he is highly unqualified and unprepared, simply hoping to fake his way through without anyone noticing. However, everyone, including his clients, such as Saturday Night Live, Google, AirBnB, Verizon, McDonald’s, would disagree. Whether design or animation, Jordan always brings the influence, peppering it with flakes of pop-culture and his self-aware sense of humor.

Jordan has never been a part of an exclusive design club, served on a jury, spoken at a conference, or won an award for his design or animation work, but he prides himself in being an active member of the creative community and interacting with other creators both on and offline. Read More

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Andy J Miller answers Dumb Questions for Smart Designers

Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Andy J. Miller

Andy J. Miller, aka Andy Pizza, is all about momentum…and he has a lot of it. His successful podcast, Creative Pep Talk, encourages everyone, from creatives to technologists, to generate momentum using whatever it takes. This very Dumb Questions interview was featured at the end of episode 139 – The Key to Making Authentic Work (Part 3 of the Creative Destiny Series).

In addition to podcasting, Andy is a designer and illustrator, who travels the globe regularly for speaking engagements and boosts of inspiration. He is the creator of the Indie Rock Coloring Book, and has done work for the likes of Google, Nickelodeon, Converse, Smart Car, Sony, and more.

Andy doesn’t like beige, but has an undying enthusiasm for sharing what he’s learned, and an empathy to help others succeed. He is a father, a husband, and he is hilarious. We would like to someday buy him a beer, a slice of pizza, and watch television with him. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers with Josh Higgins

Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Josh Higgins

Josh Higgins has been on a wild ride most of his life. The once punk rocker has gone from traveling the country making and playing music to establishing himself as a force in the design world. Along the way, he was constantly evolving his art and mindset in terms of the role art and design can play in one’s community and the world at large.

Driven by a powerful aesthetic and fearless attitude wrapped in social awareness, Josh’s design activism led him to be hand-picked for the role as design director on President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. This was a far cry from the San Diego skateboard kid, but Josh’s journey just kept weaving wildly.

Josh is currently a Senior Creative Director at Facebook on the Building 8 team which is focused on building new hardware products to advance Facebook’s efforts in virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. For the last four years, he was on The Factory team where he was fortunate to work on a variety of projects from company and product identities, the Facebook brand book which ensures consistency for those identities, overall brand campaigns, the personalized video program, and future endeavors.

Somewhere in all of that, he’s created award-winning work for clients such as HP, Yamaha, Fender Guitars, Tony Hawk Foundation, Perry Ellis International, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Life Technologies. His wild ride continues as a husband and father, and somehow he travels for speaking engagements and still finds time to play music. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers with Amy Nicole Schwartz

Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Amy Nicole Schwartz

Amy Nicole Schwartz is a design troublemaker, specializing in branding, digital experiences, and games. She is currently the Design Director at Cards Against Humanity, the wildly successful and hilariously inappropriate party game, and its “boring business company” spinoff, Blackbox. Schwartz sets the creative vision for her companies’ games, projects and subversive PR campaigns.

But Amy is much more than a designer for a comedically dark card game; her resume reads like a design dream. She was the winner of Command X at the 2015 AIGA National Design Conference; other recognitions include the Emerging Designer Award by AIGA Chicago, Finalist for Young Designer of the Year by the Net Awards, and the recipient of the AIGA Chicago What’s Next Grant in 2014. She has been featured in numerous publications, including Frame Publisher’s Masterclass, Print Mag online, HOW Design and Brand New.

Blah, blah, blah. We get it, Schwartz, you’re super talented and creative. In addition to all that, Amy founded Liminal Space, a design initiative that promotes experimentation, community, and dialogue within Chicago’s thriving design, art, and technology scenes. Her past clients and collaborators include the Cranbrook Art Museum, Google, and Bright Bright Great.  Read More

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