The Perfect: Pants

Levi’s 501 Jeans

Call them pants, call them trousers, call them anything you want, but we all wear them, and none have been more historical, durable, and iconic than the Levi’s 501 jeans. Whether you wear yours skinny or a bit baggy; to work, to school, to the concert, or to mow the lawn; you can’t deny that these denim miracles are a must-have for anyone and everyone’s closet. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Scott Allen Hill

Scott Allen Hill draws. Yes, he is a designer and an illustrator, but all that comes from his lifelong love of drawing, forever championed by his grandmother.

A native of Oklahoma, currently living, working and playing in Denver, Colorado, Scott Allen Hill was the Art Director and co-founder of Foundry Collective, as well as the principal of his own Studio Mast, which is now galloping at full gate in a great direction.

Scott Allen Hill (SAH) and Mast have done some amazing design and branding work for everything from coffee roasters to commercial film studios. His clients include Huddle Collective in Sydney, Australia, the record-keeping ROAR Group, Winston/ Realty in Beverly Hills, AMM Designs, NautixLabs, and trust us, that is naming just a few of his illustrious clients.

SAH has a dog named Eames, a wife named Ashlee, and a daughter named Sylva. We thank him for participating in our Dumb Questions for Smart Designers. Read More

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Please Stop Double Spacing After Sentences!

Why? Because it is wrong.

Can AR Design let you in on a little secret that is not actually a secret? Typing two spaces after a sentence is totally, completely, utterly, stupidly and inarguably wrong.

Were you taught to put two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence? Every single one of us were, but most (all) publications sternly recommend (require) using just one. Read More

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“I totally killed her on the first date.”

“Wait, I meant kissed!”

Humans and Artificial Intelligence are Starting to Chat

For the most part so far, interacting with artificial intelligence has been the stuff of science fiction or sheer frustration. Minute by minute and moment by groundbreaking moment, that is all changing.

Artificial intelligence—loosely defined as computers that simulate human intelligence—is everywhere. Image recognition used by Google and Facebook is considered AI. Most video games include AI. And if you have a smartphone, you definitely have artificial intelligence in your pocket in the form of a digital assistant such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Google Now. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – James Victore

James Victore was recently called an existential cowboy, in so many words, by Print Magazine. He is a designer, an art director, an author, an activist and a teacher. He runs an independent studio hell-bent on world domination.

James likes to work on instinct and inspiration. He is the type of designer to get more kismet from a delicious meal or an adventure with family than from sitting in front of his computer. He is a spirited renegade in the world of design. His smile lights up the world from under his signature mustache. Read More

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The Perfect: Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Charles and Ray Eames were a highly influential husband and wife design team. To say they changed the game is putting it light. They did everything from architecture to film, but it is their furniture design that makes them historical figures.

Their designs and innovative use of materials created a visual language. Whether offering a comfortable chair to sit in or the tools to obtain such knowledge, they tried to show that design is for living. The revolutionary Eames duo invented methods of designing and constructing furniture that are still top standard to this day.

The world wouldn’t be complete without them, and their perfect Eames Lounge Chair is one of the most iconic designs of the 20th Century. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Veerle Pieters

Veerle Pieters is an outstanding, mystical designer. She started her career on her own, before photoshop and illustrator. She is a mostly self-taught enterprise with the desire of heart.

Her career began in 1992 as a one-woman business focusing on logos and print. In 1995, she added website design, user interfaces, and multimedia development to her arsenal.

Her company, Duoh! became an official legal entity in 2000, and is now the studio of Veerle and Geert Leyseele, who are partners in work and life. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Gui Borchert

Our good friend Gui Borchert is a dapper designer and art director, originally from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, now residing in Los Angeles. However, he has made interesting stops in Utah, London, and New York.

He is one of the most recognizable designers in the world, and has done tremendous work for the likes of Nike, Adidas, Google, MTV, The World Cup, and even President Obama, just to name a select few.

Gui is passionate about all forms of visual communication as means to express an idea; a thought, a concept, an emotion, a message or even a visual experiment. He wields art and design as a weapon of the world, working across several mediums, including typography, photography, and illustration.

It was an honor to honor our good friend, and ask him some dumb questions. Obrigado, Keith!

Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Don Clark

Don Clark is one half of the amazing design duo, Invisible Creature, an awesome name for a firm, because designers are supposed to be invisible creatures, striking emotions from shapes and colors.

Don has always been creative, embracing his passions. He and his brother started a punk rock band in the 1990s. And in the year 2000, Don and his brother turned to design, developing album covers, posters, and logos for many of the acts they’d met through music.

Don is now a husband, a father and a farmer, still doing work on music packaging—even having earned a few Grammy nominations along the way— but that’s just part of the focus of Invisible Creature.

The creative firm’s clients include Target, Nike, Hasbro, Google, Nordstrom, The New York Times, and dozens of other heavy hitters. For Don, the coolest perk of his work is the diversity of his clients and the variety of projects, from toys to tunes. Read More

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Dumb Questions for Smart Designers – Harvey Shepard

We first found out about Harvey Shepard through his wonderfully gorgeous book, Oh Beautiful Beer, which began as a blog dedicated to his love of beer and label design. When we researched the author, we discovered that he is an awesome design ninja at heart.

He hails from Massachusetts, but now resides in Seattle. He travels a lot and he mostly tweets about baseball, but Harvey’s designs focus on creating effective and memorable solutions. He specializes in logo design, branding, web and print design. With a rich arsenal of work including musicians, breweries, agencies, clubs and events, Mr. Shepard is sure to guide us to the promise land. Read More

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