Surprised customer

What is your customers favorite color?

Blue, Red, Pink, Purple? This is an oversimplification of a question that every business owner should be asking themselves, but often lose sight of. When was the last time you really talked to your customer and asked them specific questions about their experience?

When we sit down with new clients to learn about their business we usually find the answers to our questions about their clientele to be rather generic. Business owners get comfortable assuming that their customers like what they like. But it is crucial that you (to steal from the not so popular band The Stylistics) Stop, Look & Listen. Read More

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The Art of Outreach

Finding, Pitching (and Keeping) New Clients

Operating a small to medium-sized business is tough, especially in the design and marketing world. It goes without saying that all businesses want to grow, so it is vastly important to reach out organically to other local businesses in order to offer services and provide insights, as well as build community leadership. Read More

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Lightning Storm

Being Prepared for the ‘Social’ Storm

Disaster Preparedness for Social Media Clients

As a company that harrowingly endured last year’s Hurricane Season, a startling realization came to us during those storms. After we boarded up the windows and braced for hurricane after hurricane consuming the state of Florida, we realized that preparation for a disaster goes beyond buying water and canned goods, especially in the digital age. For businesses, communication is always key, but during natural disasters it is exponentially more important. Read More

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