Event Design for LauderAle's 3rd Anniversary

Putting a Bow on LauderAle’s 3rd Anniversary Festival

Designing Deep for the Fort Lauderdale Brewery’s Birthday Bash

Just like every great idea, LauderAle was conceived between friends over a few beers. Owners Joey Farrell and Kyle Jones stumbled upon this idea one night at a local craft beer bar. While bantering about possible inventions and other business ideas, the one that stuck was how fun and adventurous it would be to own a brewery.

At the end of July 2017, they celebrated their 3rd Anniversary with a two-day festival. They pulled out all the stops to honor the milestone, complete with a list of barrel-aged beers that never stopped growing, food trucks, live music, plus dozens of other new, specialty beers and treatments, making this their biggest and best lineup yet.

We signed on to work with LauderAle just a month before this milestone event, so the pressure was on to produce a strong marketing push and sell some beer! Read More

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Hashtags are Dead

#Hashtags Are Dead…Kinda

From Must Have to Has Been?

Consider the mighty hashtag. A splendid tool for grouping and monitoring specific topics via social media, it has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time.

First suggested by former Google designer, Chris Messina in 2007, who proposed that Twitter adopt the hashtag — or “pound” symbol, as it was called at the time — as a method for grouping content.

Have we truly thought about the purpose of this feature in 2016? With all the advanced tracking capabilities and tools these days, is the hashtag as important as it once was? As a company, we have personally witnessed hashtag interaction severely decline in the last few years. Read More

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The Future’s So Bright, You’re Gonna Need a Plan

Facebook recently unveiled its grand 10-year plan, which got us thinking.

Taking a page (get it?) from Facebook, we thought it relative to give discussion to the importance of a long-term business and marketing plan.

At this year’s F8 summit, the head honcho Mark Zuckerberg shared some insight into the company’s long-term goals. This got us inspired. The company proved it is invested in evolving from being simply known as a family of social-media properties into a conglomerate of technology, education, and forward-thinking endeavors. Read More

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The Nuts & Bolts of Managing Pro Bono Work

It’s good to give back, but be prepared.

Giving something back to the community in which your business operates is a venerable tradition. Among creative businesses this commonly takes the form of occasionally providing pro bono, or free, services to worthy causes. Yet, as noble as the sentiment that lies behind this tradition is, there are always hurdles just like any project or job. Read More

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The Marketing of a Made-Up Holiday

Dubious Brand-Led Holidays Holding Us Hostage

Groundhog Day, having just passed, seems like the wackiest, most made-up holiday, but at least it is not selling you anything.

Most everything about Valentine’s Day has design and marketing written all over it — from the graphic representation of a vital organ being a mold for candy to the weird, winged-baby firing arrows at unsuspecting passersby. Read More

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The New Role of a Marketing Company

Unless you have been busy petting a fluffy bunny in the forest and didn’t get the memo, it is no secret that the world of marketing, PR and advertising has changed.

Yes, the role of a marketing company is a business that helps other businesses grow. But that is just the basics. From social media to virality, the world is more connected, but with that comes more voices trying to get their message across. This makes marketing a more complicated task as having a quality offering is just not enough. You need to have something more, and that is what a marketing firm provides. Read More

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Plan for 2016

Time to start new traditions!

Next year is upon us, so better start planning for the future. Right after your year end review, you will probably have a lot of things you want to improve. It doesn’t hurt to think ahead. That’s why Part 2 of our End of Year/Next Year wrap-up is here for you (if you haven’t read part 1 you can check it out here). Thinking ahead of your industry competitors is key, and having a leg up is always a breath of fresh air. Below are just a few things to plan in order to get a jump on next year. After all, before you know it, next year will be this year.

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Social Media is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

One of the biggest struggles with social media is impatience.

Ryan, our creative strategist has proudly worked the New York City Marathon for five consecutive years and he found a not-so-surprising metaphor comparing long distance running with social media presence.

Social media marketing is a marathon, hence the metaphor. If you are used to the quick, instant gratification of Pay Per Click, or online banner advertisements, then you have to readjust your perspective when it comes to social media marketing. Seeing the results of social media means developing long term trust and relationships with your customer base through engagements. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not seeing immediate returns on your social media efforts, but if you stay the course and continue to have strong engagements, you can build a quality presence and voice that will continue to give you a return.

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Dine ‘Em & Design ‘Em

Food and design go together like, well, spaghetti and meatballs.

When designing a restaurant’s website it is important to entice. Whether it is fresh, stylish or familiar, every detail in a food related web design, from typography to photographs, is used to convey a certain atmosphere and suggest the taste of food to the viewer.

There are a million restaurants out there, and all of them have websites. Like chefs and food, it is important to stand out among the crowd, because most of us are one click away from throwing in the towel and ordering a pizza instead.

A good layout is a basic necessity in any business website and restaurants are no exception. Effective restaurant web design is not only beautiful, but useful and must allow its customers to view beautiful menus, find a location, make a reservation, and place orders, and not only the desktop experience, but mobile as well.

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