2018 Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire T-shirt Logo.

AR Design Helps Inspire and Create

Another Year of Creativity and Fun at the Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire

We were super excited to once again attend the Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire, where over 1,000 young creative minds packed the South Florida Science Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Mini Maker Faire brings together people from all walks of life, but with one common goal- to create, design, and inspire. This year’s event featured over 65 maker booths and workshops, including 3-D printing demos, screen printing, virtual reality video game setups, arts and crafts, and DIY workshops.

We loved rocking out with the kids last year, helping them draw, design, and digitize their own record covers inspired by classic records like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. We were eager to get back into the creative ring at this year’s Mini Maker Faire. Read More

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How to Take a Bad iPhone Photo

Just Let the iPhone Do All the Work of Taking Your Next Photo

A step by step guide of how to take a perfectly bad photo.

We have all the seen the commercials touting the quality of the iPhone as a pro-grade camera, and it truly is an excellent device for snapping pictures. It is so easy, anyone can do it. And yet, we still see so many bad photos. From greasy headshots to ghastly product shots to devil-cats. Whether you take photos on your iPhone for business or pleasure, chances are, even you, could use one of these anti-tips. Read More

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Wordpress Updates

WordPress Works Better with Updates

Staying Secure Means Staying Up-to-Date

WordPress is the most powerful and flexible Content Management System available. It is used by millions of websites and powers billions of page-views per day. It is has been built and enhanced over many years to become the website publishing platform of choice for small to medium-sized businesses. Read More

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Hashtags are Dead

#Hashtags Are Dead…Kinda

From Must Have to Has Been?

Consider the mighty hashtag. A splendid tool for grouping and monitoring specific topics via social media, it has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time.

First suggested by former Google designer, Chris Messina in 2007, who proposed that Twitter adopt the hashtag — or “pound” symbol, as it was called at the time — as a method for grouping content.

Have we truly thought about the purpose of this feature in 2016? With all the advanced tracking capabilities and tools these days, is the hashtag as important as it once was? As a company, we have personally witnessed hashtag interaction severely decline in the last few years. Read More

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Blind Typing for Coders and Programmers

Touch Typing is Your Trusty Tool for Coding

This post is inspired by actual events.

This day and age, typing is an undeniable core discipline, an inherent advantage. It is further heightened for developers, because good typing is critical to achieving your goal. Any programmer can tell you that one letter, one comma, one hyphen in the wrong place has cost them hours (if not days) of time fixing their code. Read More

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The Perfect: Timepiece

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch

A good watch is not just a means of telling time, it is a part of your person, your being, and there is always one you love most. Whether you wear it everyday or not, whether it lives in your nightstand until a special occasion, like a wedding, the perfect watch is a personal symbol of expression.

That said, watches aren’t jewelry. They are the conveyances of transporting time; they are tools. Even with cellphones and tablets everywhere these days, the watch is still eternally appreciated. And the Tudor Heritage Black Bay is an impressively attractive and durable diver’s watch, at a price that falls perfectly between the balance of quality and craftsmanship. Read More

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NYC Wifi

Where Once There Was a Payphone

How Wifi is Changing the Streets of New York City Forever

Goodbye past, hello future. New York City is a new town these days in many ways. One of which is the new, city-wide wifi. Where once were telephone booths on corners, now there are triangular gigabit internet towers, allowing city citizens to dock, charge, connect and even create on their way to the 6 train.

Earlier this year, the Big Apple started unveiling these modern monoliths dedicated to providing the city streets with fast, unlimited wifi internet. The gestalt pillars stand out like angular bus stops, but give the infrastructure of the lay metropolis a push in the right direction: Progress.

Everyone here at AR Design is either from or has lived in New York City at one point. We found it refreshing from a design, tech-savvy standpoint, as well as a forward-thinking approach, that our once-home will look very different the next time we return. Read More

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Baby Computer

Conversations with AI: A Neutral Shade of Gray

Artificial Intelligence is Getting More Helpful in the Home

We all need a little help and guidance in certain periods of life. AI chatbots, if all goes well, will be designed to provide some help. After all isn’t technology supposed to make life easier? When deciding on what color to paint a baby’s room, especially when not finding out the sex, recommendations go a long way.

Combing through current internet posts, ideally the bot should compartmentalize seasonal selections and styles for popular searches regarding the individual request. In this case, it is paint colors for a baby’s room. The difficulty lies in the neutrality because said parents are not finding out the sex of the upcoming baby. Read More

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Conversations with AI: Finding Your Footing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer the future. It is becoming the present faster than you can say MTV.

Right now, a chatbot is learning how to hold a conversation by analyzing millions of Facebook posts, ranging from your favorite movie quotes to your local pizza menus, thus allowing it to figure out dinner, muse on the meaning of life, the color of love, philosophy, style, and even regional gratuity percentage.

Communication between humans and artificial intelligence is the key, deciding factor in the evolution of this relationship. If it doesn’t work, it will backup the system and force our ingrained distrust to blossom. An example of what’s to come… Read More

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