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We had the pleasure of working with a friend and longtime client by designing a thorough brand identity package for her upcoming yoga studio; we even got to assist with the name. Hi Yoga is not just a name and logo, the package includes a complete guide to color and typography, as well as print and business card layouts. For a designer, this is one of the most interesting projects we’ve taken on, and we can’t wait to see it out in the world, maybe even take some classes.

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Barrel of Monks Brewery

This one-of-a-kind Belgian-style brewer makes traditional-inspired ales, but their website did not reflect the ultra-refined nature of their beers. Designing the website was fun for our beer-loving crew, but it had its complexities. From an ever changing taplist to selling event tickets, and maintaining a food truck calendar, we took the website from recipe to realization, helping to bottle the essence of their beer into a website that is rich and complex, yet smooth and enjoyable. With an API integration from DigitalPour we were able to keep an up to the minute draft list flowing into the website and leveraging Google Calendar allowed their group of managers an easy means of updating their food truck calendar. Throw in a little WooCommerce and sit back to sip in the refreshing website that is Barrel of Monks.

Officine Gullo

Officine Gullo is an Italian brand that hand-crafts the finest kitchen-appliances and interiors ever built. Their products are considered to be in a class of their own, and the website we were asked to build for them was to be of the same caliber. Clean and modern, yet robust and technology-focused, we built a multi-lingual CMS site hosting over 250 products, 10,000 photos, blueprints, technical specifications, videos, press and wrapped it all in a responsive and mobile friendly design. The Worpdress backend is custom tailored to fit their array of product types and was taught to them with custom video training to allow for easy editing from any one of their team.

Seacoast Uniforms

Seacoast Uniforms is a full-service career wardrobe and ad-specialty company headquartered in South Florida. A woman-owned business, Seacoast excels at remarkable customer service and customizes everything from nurse scrubs to police tactical gear, as well as military uniforms, athletics, restaurant attire, promotional, and even school uniforms. Seacoast Uniforms is one of our longtime clients, and it is always our pleasure to work with them. Our latest website, SeacoastMarketing.com is their B2B platform, providing them with inbound leads, brand validation and a strong local SEO presence.

Civil Society Brewing

We crafted a strong official site for Civil Society Brewing, an outstanding brewery headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. They are not just another brewery, so they needed not just another website. We got them set up with an industrial-style site, complete with an easily updatable tap list, as well as a hop shop, powered by WooCommerce, for all their wares. We also designed some killer labels for their canning process. Drink it in.


The international umbrella company of renowned restaurants, BLT Burger, The Florentine, Casa Nona, among others, ESquared Hospitality is committed to exceeding expectations with extraordinary food and excellent customer service. For them, we were committed to serving up delicious proprietary websites for each E2 entity, including different content voices for each, and meeting the design and technical challenges that come along with a world wide company. We came up with a concise vision to represent their massive marketing and management endeavors.

Custom Medical Services

Custom Medical Services (CMS) strives to provide the highest level of Revenue Cycle Management Services to Physician Practices around the country. We strive to always give everyone the best web presence in any business. We did a full redesign for CMS, which continuously focuses on excelling in all aspects of medical billing, collections and customer service, and has for over 30 years. We created custom iconography for a homepage summarization of the CMS essentials, statistics and marketing efforts, as well as focusing on letting the CMS services shine in an easy-to-interpret manner, thus allowing clients and customers easy interface and UX interactions.

Innovare Medical Media

We designed the initial Innovare site years ago, but just like cars need oil changes and gardens need weeding, the time came for a tune-up, redesign. Innovare provides unique advertising opportunities for hospitals, clinics, and private practitioners. We provided the site an updated, modern look and feel, concentrating on showcasing their vast offerings with clear calls-to-action, making it easy for every client on every device. This projected was a refresher of points of purpose for Innovare to better display their ever-growing options.

BLT Steak & BLT Prime

BLT is a global restaurant empire with locations ranging from Hong Kong to Las Vegas. This website design centers on high-end brands, BLT Steak and BLT Prime. In order to develop their website with depth, we needed to showcase their mouth-watering fare, as well as menus, gallery, press, events, reservations and more for each location. In Partnership with Paperwhite Studios and their design, we developed an elaborate content management system with a highly tailored information architecture to accommodate for multiple brands, dozens of locations, all while providing each location their own site custom set of content. It is as cool as Miles Davis, yet fully functional and responsive to make anyone and everyone hungry for more.

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by Chloe.

Chloe Corscarelli was the first vegan chef to ever win a major television food competition. She recently opened her first restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village. The recipe for this site combines a hot design by Paperwhite Studio, custom cooked WordPress theme with a dash of UX and responsiveness. This website is free from meat, eggs, and dairy.