Jenks and Harvey Law

Debra Jenks and Robert Harvey aren’t your average attorneys. For over 30 years, Jenks & Harvey have represented major investment firms; broker-dealers; regional, independent and special purpose financial firms; investment advisers; in arbitration around the country and in court. Starting from the ground up, we designed a brand logo and an identity package that would showcase the seriousness of the law they practice with the flair of their personalities. For Jenks & Harvey, a standard legal logo would not suffice. Building upon their branding, we designed this vibrant, fully responsive website to showcase this unique law firm. With a marriage of bold colors and strong typography it is a perfect representation of their duality as a law firm.

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Madison Development Group

Madison Development Group is a Seattle-based design and construction firm specializing in commercial and multi-family real estate development. Their experience, innovation, collaboration with clients has lead to a vast track record of success. We wanted to built on that record to give a site worthy of aesthetics, reflection and hard work. Fully designed and built with a WordPress structure, while maintaining branding and any dynamic evolutions, the site is ready for past, present and future successes.

This client puts the fun in funny. Nothing is sacred from this novelty condom brand. With it’s claim to fame being the Obama Condom, popularized during the election of 2008, this brand has grown by leaps and bounds since. With a fresh Shopify based site design to further enhance it’s reputation, we thoroughly enjoyed working the ins and outs of working with them ;0

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Put your best face forward with Heyday Salon. The goal of this NYC salon is to make facials that fit your schedule and your budget. We gave this site some glamorous vigor that is as inviting as the salon. And this site is more than just a pretty face. We did a custom WordPress website build, added a splash of UI animation, enhanced with some API integration to the platform, and finished it off with some e-commerce love.

Rudolph & Associates

Exhibit A: a marvelous website! Rudolph & Associates, founded by Howard M. Rudolph, is a well-respected law firm located in West Palm Beach, Florida, dedicated to progressive family law. We designed for them an inviting website to reflect the sensitive scope of their work. The easily navigable site covers everything from important legal services, to company news, attorney profiles and community involvement. By building a responsive site, we are making the mobile experience that much easier for anyone searching for a good family lawyer. Objection overruled.

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PayLease is a leading payment provider for the property management industry, specializing in residential, home owner association (HOA), and commercial real estate markets. With over 4000 clients, this site needed the capacity to handle over 1,000,000+ page views per month. With a fully responsive WordPress and a customized backend, the site pays dividends. We designed the drop button mechanics as well as the interactive calculator. The website is the backbone of PayLease and we were the backbone of the website.

America’s Healthcare Associates

Your medical bills no longer need to be so confusing. AHA helps patients protect a healthy financial future by deciphering the inscrutable rigmarole on hospital and physician bills. Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, but with a national range, America’s Healthcare Associates has been involved in the medical landscape of the United States since the early 1980’s. We doctored them up with a solid WordPress heart, relieving AHA with clean design, easy navigation and functionality.

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Lilly List

For all you magazine devouring fashionistas out there…Lilly List is here! The Lilly List curates the best items from all the top fashion magazines and makes them easy to order. Connecting monthly magazines to online shopping is no easy feat, but we knocked this one out of the park with a sexy interactive Pinterest-like site that puts the power behind the pencil skirt. We did the complete design and development, and sewed it all together with affiliate marketing.

City Center Realty Partners

This towering San Francisco commercial real estate firm came to us looking for a website that provided a strong but affable glimpse into their sturdy portfolio. Capitalizing on over 50 years of experience, they have developed buildings from downtown San Francisco to Philadelphia, with tenants ranging from CitiBank to Coca-Cola. In a captivating display, we married their exceptional photos with an eye-catching, balanced, fully responsive WordPress website. The result allows CCRP to maximize the value of its current clients and upcoming projects. The sky is the limit.


AvroKO is an award-winning design firm encompassing architecture, branding, products, and environments. We have worked with AvroKO for close to 10 years to develop nearly all of their restaurant website projects. Due to its ever expanding success in different design fields, their flagship site definitely needed heart and storytelling. In turn, we developed a website which would highlight their diverse range of projects, press, awards and inspiration. We worked tirelessly to create a WordPress-based solution that would be easy to maintain and allow for their continued growth.