Tizona Therapeutics, Inc., is an immunology company harnessing the power of the immune system to develop treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases. We prescribed them a clean, strong site with the proper professional presence to make it easy for each and every guest to get the information they need. With smooth navigation and a systematic approach, the Tizona journey will be scientific, effective and pleasant, leading the next generation in immunotherapy development.

Pennington & Bailes

Pennington and Bailes’ slogan ‘Remain True’ not only applies to its product, but also its founders. We had the pleasure of working with this family brand to overhaul its Magento-powered website. This included a large scale redesign, modernization of it’s browsing methods, and adding loads of new functionality. Magento serves as a great framework for handling all the volume the college football season can throw at it. With hundreds of products and thousands of SKU’s, the website never slows, stutters or missteps. Touchdown!


Goshwara is a jewelry design company who creates spectacularly colorful, unique pieces using semi-precious and precious stones. Their exceptional designs need no explanation, but creating a site that allowed them to shine was the type of challenge we love. While the minimal design showcased the pieces well, we debated how to maintain some element of branding in the site. Using the elephant logo placed in various areas around the site allowed for some unique visual treats. The site is a jewel unto itself, built with WordPress, and is easily maintained by Goshwara, allowing it to roll with the stones.

El Colmado Gallery | ARDesign.us
El Colmado Landing Page | ARDesign.us
El Colmado Map | ARDesign.us
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El Colmado Page | ARDesign.us
El Colmado Page | ARDesign.us
El Colmado | ARDesign.us

El Colmado

Provided a clean design from Paperwhite Studio we served up a delicious website for El Colmado, a classic Spanish tapas and wine bar by Chef Seamus Mullen with two locations in NYC, Hell’s Kitchen and the Meatpacking District. We concocted this meaty WordPress site with separate content for each location, all backed by amazing photos. It is always an honor to work with Chef Mullen.

Tait & Associates

Tait is a third generation engineering and architecture company which has grown to be one the pre-eminent firms in the western US. Headed by Richard Tait, they bring expertise to large scale engineering projects of all kinds. We wanted to showcase their outstanding work and corporate culture. Engineered on WordPress, the interactive site uses slideshows to immerse the viewer into each of their projects and passions. We worked closely with our friends at Tait & Associates for their 50th anniversary to relaunch the website with a new feel for a next 50 years.

Strening Architects | Gallery | ARDesign.us
Strening Architects | Calistoga | ARDesign.us
Strening Architects | Main | ARDesign.us
Strening Architects | Mobile | ARDesign.us

Strening Architects

Strening has designed everything from libraries to wineries. We were honored to assist them on a window with which to showcase their elegant work. We re-engineered the website design to make it responsive for mobile devices and brought it over to WordPress to allow for easy updates on the client side. We blew the dust off the initial blueprint and took it up a level.


Xocolatti started with the goal of elevating chocolate to an art form. Upon opening their flagship store in NYC, they needed a decadent online presence that captured the beauty of their shop and the richness of their chocolates. Supported by mouth-watering photography, this Magento-powered store sheds all of the typical e-commerce look and feel for a completely custom online shopping experience. This is chocolate reimagined. This is a website for your tastebuds.

Budsies | Palm Beach Web Development Company | ARDesign.us
Budsies | Website Design & Development | ARDesign.us
Budsies | Branding | ARDesign.us
Budsies | Web Development | ARDesign.us


Budsies is a brilliant idea that takes kids’ artwork and turns it into cuddly stuffed animals. As featured on the hit show Shark Tank, there is no lack of imagination here. Working closely with the founder, we redesigned this site with fun and useability in mind. Smile along with us and our plush friends in this fully responsive Magento built e-commerce site.

Pearl Oyster Bar-Mobile Device| ARDesign.us
Pearl Oyster Bar-Location | ARDesign.us
Pearl Oyster Bar-About | ARDesign.us
Pearl Oyster Bar 2 image | ARDesign.us
Lake Worth Web Design Companies| ARDesign.us

Pearl Oysterbar

It’s difficult to imagine NYC’s West Village without Pearl Oyster Bar. The ‘little seafood restaurant that could’ is approaching two decades of amazing salt water success. From chowder to mollusks, this restaurant needed a delicious website to keep the lines forming down Cornelia Street. When designing the site for Pearl, we kept their classic feel and mixed it with a modern WordPress shell.

The Postergroup

When it comes to graphic design, vintage posters are the gold standard. They invented the field, and many of the trends developed through poster art remain a key part of today’s design principles. Working with the Postergroup to create an e-commerce website which showcased their vast library of original posters was a pleasure. Together we posted a site both easy to browse and equally easy to checkout.