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Barrel Of Monks Taproom

See What is Brewing Inside

Wanting to give the public a look into the unique qualities of this brewery, we produced a video series called ‘Inside the Barrel’. Barrel of Monks could showcase how they create their specialty beers and what they are doing to stay true to the Belgian ways. It was also a way to introduce new beers to their clientele and followers.

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Traditionally Modern

When designing labels for Barrel of Monk’s beers, we took their traditional and old world Belgium techniques in consideration. Their beers are crafted with care, and we wanted the labels to show that what’s inside is a premium product, especially since many of their beers are packaged in a wine bottle and fin ished with champagne corks.

We wanted the labels to harken back to the days of monks drinking classically good beer,  and allow the drinker to take that journey with the brewery.

Single in Havana 6-Pack

A Sip of Havana

Single in Havana, a blonde ale with notes of citrus and guava,  is one of Barrel of Monks’ flagship beers that they wanted to package into a 6-pack for retail shelves. Highlighting its hints of guava, we designed the packaging to allude to the historic and tropical styles of Havana, Cuba. 

We drew inspiration from the pinks and blues of the Cuban architecture as well as the blending colors of a guava fruit, and paired it with a flowing type style that evokes a feeling of a different time. We wanted the customer to feel like they were going on a vacation when they sat down to enjoy one.


Cheers with Bottles
Single in the Sun 6-pack
Single in the Sun Bottle

A Little Summer Bliss

Single in the Sun is another one of Barrel of Monks’ flagship beers. This beer is a traditional singel ale, a style that dates many centuries. It’s light, dry, and refreshing character is perfect for the warm climate and laidback Florida lifestyle.

This package design is meant to evoke the feeling of sunshine on a warm summer’s day. The vibrant yellow color resembles not only the color of the beer, but also the sunshine state in which it was created. We paired this pop of color with a deep blue, like the oceans that surround Florida. The etching of the sun gives a face to the brand and the typography brings you back to the classic Belgian feel of Barrel of Monks.

A Fruitful Series

In addition to their flagship beers, Barrel of Monks released seasonal 4-packs that contain fruity notes. Derived from the Belgian name of the beers and the tasting notes, we created this series of 4-packs. We made them cohesive with the other packages by including the ribbon and beer name in all of the designs. We wanted to highlight the fruit characteristics by putting illustrations of the fruit on the packages.

A Very Belgian Experience

Our goal for the website was to bring the taproom experience online for Barrel of Monks’s digital presence. Staying true to the brand style, this dark and moody website provides all the backstory to the brewery along with playing host to its extensive tap list, beer archive and events listing.

What is Brewing?

Showcasing their lifestyle and behind the scenes, Barrel of Monks’ social presence connects with their following and provides updates on beer releases, behind-the-scenes footage, upcoming events and much more. We highlighted ways to invite people to visit the taproom and enjoy a classically good beer.

Growler Pour
Black Tie Brut and Owen Labels
Belgian Beer Fest Logo
4 Year Anniversary Poster
4th Anniversary Poster Graphic
White Rabbit Beer Bottle

To Years to Come

Celebrating the many years of their craft, we helped brand and market their largest annual party for their customers, brothers, and employees. Much of the imagery included the festivities of years past, to highlight the comradery and community that exists in their local beer scene.

At the 4th Anniversary
Reserve Society Logo

Be Apart of Something

We branded and marketed two exclusive membership programs that provide Belgian beer lovers an opportunity to gather together and appreciate their shared love of Belgian style ales. Both The Reserve Society and The Brotherhood are members-only groups that have access to premium and limited-edition beer releases as well as exclusive events.

Brotherhood Seal
Brotherhood Shirt
Back of Peace Love Beer Shirt