Civil Society Brewing Co.


Civil Society Brewery

A good kind of trouble

This team of skilled brewers have always had a steady vision for their brand. And adorned on the back wall of the West Palm Location is a brand we aptly nicknamed ‘Trouble’. It hangs over the new brewery, maintaining Civil Society’s style and grit that has stayed true from day 1.

Different Can Label Designs

Brewing a great
website experience

Taking a strong brand with a cult like following and giving them an experience on the web they would be familiar with was a great challenge. Through snapshot videos, strong textures, and of course, shots of beer, the Civil Society brand is felt all over this site. 

On Tap

With a dedicated social following of over 25k followers the content is shared with an attention to design, staying true to the voice of the brand, and damn good beer.

Civil Society Building and Beer

Show some love

Civil’s merch is a badge of honor for any Floridian. With quality at the forefront, the designs are true to the brand. A cornerstone of Civil Society’s marketing is their merch, often minimal, but never basic.

Civil Society Anarchy Shirt
Civil Society 4th Anniversary Merchandise

Anniversaries to remember

Civil Society throws some of the best anniversary parties around. Bringing breweries from across the globe to take part, they execute in a way that makes it epic for the beer loving attendees. We help them to execute this mass-party with a branding, glassware, ticketing systems, wristbands, signage, beer labels, social promotion, t-shirts and more. 

When hundreds of people show up for a Civil party, you know its going to be special.

Anniversary Label Design
4th Anniversary Group