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Damn Good Beer Bus
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An Experience Reimagined

We needed to reimagine their brand with their mission of giving people a feel good and welcoming craft beer experience. In discovery, we found that nothing said damn good like a big thumbs up. And when it came to a slogan “Good, Clean, Fun” was a no brainer. Hearkening back to the good times of spending quality time with friends and family.

Damn Good Beer Bus Brand Book
Damn Good Beer Bus Badge

From Concept to Brand

In expressing the carefree experience you get with Damn Good Beer Bus, we developed a style that said exactly that. Their primary color is a solid and secure navy blue, paired with retro vibrant colors. The typography consists of fonts that were quirky, playful and bold, to make it feel inviting.

Damn Good Beer Bus
Front of the Bus

Hitting the Road

We had a blast expanding the new brand onto the main attraction of the company, the bus. We created a full wrap for their vehicle to ensure it would build off of the newly created look. We took inspiration from vans of the 70’s and created something that is guaranteed to turn heads as it pulls up.

Back of the Bus

The Website Experience

In their rebrand, developing an online experience for potential customers and brewers alike was essential. While the primary service they provide is clear, we knew a comprehensive website was vital to answer the many questions people would have about the ins and outs of the business and any additional services they provide. We developed a user flow that made booking a tour super simple by first providing extensive information on their services and following it up with well placed call-to-action buttons.

Business Cards
DGBB Cheers
Beer Flag
Beer Flag

Damn Good Merch

Damn Good represents more than just a tour company, it’s a feeling. To make this feeling tangible, we believed unique merchandise was going to be key. Glassware for their beer, a cool pin to stick on a shirt, a coaster to catch the spills, and apparel that showed everyone how they were feeling, wrapped this project up with a bow.

Beer Glass

Go Time

We created a video re-introduction series to help launch the new brand. It’s important to have a company connect with their consumers and tell their brand story. For the launch we let the owner himself tell the story of Damn Good Beer Bus, its evolution over the past few years, and where they plan on being ‘down the road’.