Capturing their attention

Bringing to life an event that had never before existed in a video required thoughtful editing, music selection and a touch of effects to create the hair level of excitement and anticipation.

Krakenfest Poster
Krakenfest poster on wall
Edgy women wearing a krakenfest shirt

Kraken Everywhere

From the posters placed in the windows of local coffee shops to the t-shirt worn years after the concert, this rock show was the perfect medium for our love of design and music. 

Band on stage
Guy walking away wearing a krakenfest hoodie
Brand Guide—Color Palette
Brand Guide—Typography
Two guys wearing a krakenfest t-shirt

Let me in

The pride of walking through security with your VIP laminate around your neck is a feeling anyone who has had a chance to experience it, knows. From, Crew to Media to Bands, everyone had their own unique badge.

Krakenfest Sticker

Building the hype

From line-up teases, to band announcements, to brain-tingle inducing audio tracks, the social lead-up to the  festival delivered an experience to your phone and gave attendees a chance to pump-up before the show. 

Guy wearing krakenfest hoodie
We Came As Romans