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Elevating Your Presence

A hospitality group that truly leans into the elevation of their guests’ experiences, LDV Hospitality Group’s mission is to channel their genuine passion for all things hospitality. When approached by them to help redefine their website, we knew we had to create something that showcased their iconic brand and the effortless elegance they provide to all their guests.

‘No detail too small’ is a principle that great hospitality brands understand, and the same is true for their users. When designing LDV’s site, we wanted to incorporate the overall feel and ambiance of this principle. Every interaction has subtle, yet engaging responses, a nod to the tailored, detailed experiences in each of LDV’s projects.

Building Blocks

The site is structured using a series of custom ‘blocks’, each with its own purpose, layout and subtle animation. This structure provides the client with the flexibility to have each page uniquely constructed while still maintaining complete brand control.

LDV Accessibility


Being in the hospitality industry, you should not only follow ADA compliance inside the location but also online. It is really important to make sure that your online content is easily accessible to those with barriers. We made sure to build their content and apply tools that would help anyone who comes across their site to be able to get the information they need.

LDV Restaurant

Responsive Experiences

From early discussions about how to design this site, all the way through to launch, we knew this project was going to challenge us. It required that all of our best planning, design and development capabilities come together to craft a website experience that was perfect for our client. Now live, and ready to be casually enjoyed while you browse from your phone at one of their restaurants, bars, or beautiful dining rooms, the LDV Hospitality website is a cornerstone project of our agency and a proud reflection of our capabilities.