Steel Tie Spirits


Ben and Clinton Etheridge

To pair with Steel Tie Spirits’ premium products, we wanted to create a sophisticated piece of ephemera for customers to take home that showcases cocktails made with their spirits as well as be a piece of art to embellish their home bar. 

Detailed illustrations on one side and the recipe on the other, with a rich black print on a off-white textured stock, this item says nothing but premium.

Cocktail Cards Close up
Cocktail Cards
Steel Tie Spirits Billboard
Rack Card

Because Steel Tie Spirits serves and supports its community in a multitude of ways, we created an outreach campaign to  encourage  locals to come visit the distillery, take a tour and appreciate craft-made products made in their hometown.

Double Barrel Spiced Rum Label
Double Barrel Spiced Rum Label Close Up
Double Barrel Spiced Rum Close Up 2
Cocktail Academy Logo

Creating a cocktail is an art. There are certain rules that bartenders follow (and sometimes break) to create the perfect drink to enjoy. Steel Tie Spirits Co. developed a program to share these bartending secrets, appropriately naming it Cocktail Academy. We produced a video series that shows the joy and art of how to make a fine cocktail yourself.

Hand Sanitizer Bottle Label

With a high-demand and not enough product available , Steel Tie Spirits Co. stepped in to produce their own Hand Sanitizer during the COVID pandemic. When creating this label, we kept in mind the design details included on their vodka label and incorporated the look to keep it consistent with their product line.

Using the Hand Sanitizer
Passport opened

With the loyalty of Steel Tie Spirits’ customer base, we wanted to give their regulars an incentive to keep coming and give them something in return. For this, we created the Commodore’s Club, a members only opportunity to share in exclusive events, offerings and deals.

To elevate the experience of the membership and purchasing a product, we made passport booklets to track their progress and provide a fun way to be submitted into the Commodore’s Club. This very elegant and detailed piece fits perfectly within the fine products Steel Tie Spirits create.

Passport getting stamped