Just Let the iPhone Do All the Work of Taking Your Next Photo

How to Take a Bad iPhone Photo
A step by step guide of how to take a perfectly bad photo.

We have all the seen the commercials touting the quality of the iPhone as a pro-grade camera, and it truly is an excellent device for snapping pictures. It is so easy, anyone can do it. And yet, we still see so many bad photos. From greasy headshots to ghastly product shots to devil-cats. Whether you take photos on your iPhone for business or pleasure, chances are, even you, could use one of these anti-tips.

Keep Your Lens Filthy

Don’t wipe your lens. Ever. Better yet, use your lens to wipe other things, like butter onto a grilled cheese sandwich, your kids’ runny noses, or bugs off your car’s windshield. The dirtier your lens, the better the sun looks in the background of your selfies, right? If a camera can autofocus, then shouldn’t it be able to auto-clean.

Bad photo of a dog, a good example of what not to do.

Surely, you never use your iPhone in the bathroom and always keep the lens smudge free, so this probably won’t apply to you (now go clean your lens).

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Life is fast paced, so don’t stop to take a photo, just keep walking and tap that camera button a couple times. If modern technology can’t keep up with you, then who needs the shot anyway. There is nothing like a motion blur to show just how sharp you are.

Use Flash for Everything

The flash is much more than just an LED light. It is a powerful, perfect lighting tool. It is great for that occasional strange hue it can embed into your photographs, which can come in handy when shooting food or product that need that specific touch of being over-blown. Whether it is morning or night, no matter what, make sure that flash is on.

Focus on What the Camera Likes

Out of focus iPhone photo.When you are taking macro photography, especially with busy backgrounds, you really want your iPhone’s camera to choose your subject. Don’t tap the screen to find focus and don’t forget to move your phone around a lot for the best results, let the technology try to do all the work.

Phones Are Meant to be Held Vertically

Everyone knows the best photos are taken with your iPhone held vertically. Narrow photos that don’t fit most formats for posting or positioning are ideal. Especially when shooting video, it is best to keep the phone vertical for anyone watching your video. If the iPhone was meant to be held sideways they wouldn’t have made the home button on the bottom. Do you think you know more than the engineers at Apple?

Don’t Ever Change Your Perspective

bad iphone photo

All photos look best when taken from between 5 feet and 6 feet off the ground. Don’t lean over, or god-forbid squat to get the photo; it will surely just look like you are trying way too hard. Keep it simple and plop the phone right in front of your face and hit snap. Now no one can say your trying to be the next Ansel Adams, you’re just being you.

These rules are especially important when posting for business or client work, so keep them in mind to attract the most attention for any brand. No matter what any expert tells you, your audience wants everything fast, so don’t stop to think about the rule of thirds, composition, or lighting, just remember those iPhone commercials and snap snap snap.

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