After brand strategy, comes execution

We knew that no matte how smart the branding was, it came down to putting the brand to work on condom packaging. Creating something that continued the vision of starting a conversation between two people. 

frankly, business cards
frankly, animation of condom slogans
Woman looking cool showing her hands

No being coy, or cute

When it came to selecting photos for the campaign, we went with young adults, looking straight into the camera, unflinching from the potential awkwardness of having a conversation about sex with their partner. 

Two hands passing condom

Wrapping it Up

Developing ten-pack boxes allowed for a complete set of condoms to be easily distributed on university campuses and through health education programs.

frankly, condom 10-pack cube
frankly, condom 10-pack cube
guy with sandwich (cropped)

Make it easy to start talking

Along with the condoms, starter questions were provided in a 5 panel accordion foldout piece to supplement the condom messaging.

frankly, accordion brochure

A dynamic website for continuing the conversation

To wrap up the project with a bow, we built out a website that captured the spirit and message of the whole campaign. With large images and strong text, the website was a huge success and help in explaining the campaign to Universities.